Jadon Isaiah is here! **LONG**

He was born at home Wednesday March 4 at 10:09 pm.  Wednesday morning I was dropping my husband off at school and I mentioned to him I think that our son will be late because at my 39 week midwife appointments he day before everything was still the same as always. His bum was under my right side and his head was really low and his heart sounded great. 
So after dropping him off I went to my moms house she has a long stair case and tv so during commercials I would go up the stairs by 2's as that can help to get them engaged. By 10 am I would get a pain coming and going on my back once and a while. I have whiplash in my back so I though he was sitting on a nerve so I did even more stairs to get him to move off of it. I then went out for coffee with my mother in law then shopping to Costco got food and gas and I walked around winners and went to the health food store to pick up some probiotics because I was GBS+ and by 3 the "whiplash" pain was getting worse so I texted my husband I was picking him up by 3 or I might not be able to drive we get home I made some homemade pizza for dinner then went to have a bath my husband had to head out for a few hours and left by 6. By that time by back was consistently contracting but I seriously did not know I was in labour. After my bath o walked around for a bit and texted my husband to come home because I thought I was going to be sick. He came home about 8 and even said well your not in labour so what's wrong? Lol not sure of how much time passes then I puked and he reconsidered. He called my mom and timed my contractions (I never had one in my belly) and when she got there she was shocked how far I was and said call the midwife NOW! And so he did and he kept me level headed through the whole thing I felt bad for my neighbours having to hear me I was loud! When the midwife showed up she pushed my hips he dropped even more she then checked to see how far I was and my water broke then 20 min of pushing out came Jadon! I did have 6 stitches because he came out so fast otherwise healthy happy baby!! He weighed in at 7lbs 7oz 20.78inches long.