A first time mom that worries a lot! Please shed some light on me!

a• • due sept 27th, 2017 - little man born sept 27th💙
Hey, ladies. I am currently 23w 1d pregnant, with my first! I have always had normal discharge but since becoming pregnant I did notice an increase. This evening I was using the restroom and I noticed I had snot like discharge coming out of my vagina, (TMI) but it was actually hanging out of it. When I wiped I noticed it was yellow in color, it has no smell, I do not itch, it doesn't burn when I pee and I know 100% I am STD-free. It has continued into tonight. It's not a lot, about a normal amount, I just feel like the consistency has changed a bit and the color for sure. I've kinda worked myself up worrying what it could be. Also, no cramping, only new thing seems to be color and consistency. So, ladies, anyone have experience with this? If so, is it normal? Am I just at a point in my pregnancy where discharge changes a bit? Any knowledge or experience on the matter is welcome, I need some peace of mind. *Calling my OB/GYN in the morning. TIA!