Fuck boy situation

There's this guy I've been talking to for about nine months. I told him I wanted to take it slow (when we first met) so we haven't made it official but, we act like we're dating. We've met each others families and friends. He shows up at my job with flowers and coffee multiple times a month. We spend nights taking out our future and things about ourselves. I got sick of him not asking me out because it's been 9 months and we've done everything together so I thought he would want to make it official at some point. I told him I'm falling for him, he said he liked me. I got upset because this guy literally acts like I'm his everything and he just only likes me? I'm always up front and honest with him when other guys talk to me, I even show him texts. The other night I got the liquid courage, and went to his house. We made it official and he was really happy about it and said he was done with everything on the side. I was like what's on the side? Let me see your phone. I took his phone and found tons of girls with 😍 next to their names and even a girl titled future wife. Always he's begging me to give him another chance, he showed up at my job with coffee and later at my house with flowers.
. what do I do? 

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