No sex drive?

I gave birth on April 11th almost 2 months ago and my sex drive is not all there.. first pregnancy I didn't mind doing it 2 weeks before the 6 weeks and I wasn't even scared (9 years ago) and this time I was scared to & waited the full 6 weeks (proud of myself👏🏼 didn't risk a possible infection) BUT I just am not in the mood and my  SO is always trying to... im just all about my baby right now and I don't think about sex, I get it.. I have to please my man but I don't get wet.. I made an appt to see my Obgyn the 5th.. now I'm thinking there's something wrong with me.. we had sex on the 6 week mark about 2-3 times but it wasn't something that left me wanting to again.. does anyone feel this way or am I alone?