Should i go to the hospital?

Hey all, 
i recently started a new job that requires me to move around non stop for 8 hours & i really haven't had the chance to drink water at all, maybe a couple sips every other day. Since this weekend, i've noticed i'm super fatigued, this weekend i slept for 14 hours, woke up and still couldn't keep my eyes open. Same as this week, i'll have a full nights sleep but will fall asleep at any chance i get throughout the day. I've been constipated the past 2 weeks as well. Since yesterday i've had this headache, took ibuprofen and went to sleep, woke up and had this headache. I ate breakfast cleaned dishes and when i sat down my nose started bleeding. When all this STARTED happening i was on my second day of my period and was bleeding really heavy. At my last physical a year ago my doctor told me i was anemic. I'm not sure if i'm dehydrated or maybe it has something to do with my blood cells? i've called my dr office 4 times today and no answer & it usually takes a week and a half to get an appointment. Thanks!