miscarriage symptoms

Hello everyone! Yesterday I notice some slight pink discharge after wiping. I went to the doc where they did an U/S and they saw the baby but said it may be too early to notice a heart beating. I should have been 7w 5d but the baby measured 6w 4d. Later in the evening I went potty again and this time there was more blood with clots and it has become heavier into today. I am having absolutely NO cramping or pain of any sort. The u/s tech said I had a hemmorrhagic cyst that seems to have burst and may be causing the blood. I think I'm having a miscarriage. I want to know what everyone felt during their miscarriage? Pain or no pain? Or will the pain come later? Do you see the baby after it comes out? I wanted my baby so bad. I have two other kids, one 7 years and the other 5 months. This would be my first miscarriage.