Question about app (Editing Period)


At the top right corner of the app where it says edit period, I click on that and it'll take me to a calendar, well every time I edit in when I had my period, it never saves longer then a day.. Am i not saving the info correctly? I also noticed there is no save option when your done editing your period in that month. I always just went to the top left corner and went back and it saved automatically once before. but when the next day came and I went to look when I last had my period it was not there anymore, and I have to keep editing it in. Which is very frustrating and kind of defeats the purpose of the reason I'm using this app. So is that how you save your period days? And something us just wrong with the app? Or am I just saving it completely wrong?

Please help me in knowing how to edit in and save when I have my periods for the month! I absolutely love this app and helps me with my daily health but if I cannot save something so simple I will have to start looking for a different app to use..

Thank you for your time and helping me! Whom ever sees this first and can help me(: