Immature Partner

So last night I let my 11 yr old go to work with daddy at his shop and he snapchated me on the way home, in which seemed like he was driving our truck? him and dad love to play pranks on me and so I just replied with a mad face emoji šŸ˜ .. then they got home and were laughing, then i asked if that snap was a joke and both said no! I was literally so pissed off and started calling my husband an unfit father a.k.a a piece of shit dad.. I told him that it better be a joke and he said it wasn't and that I went too far by calling him that bc he only drove around the block at 11 p.m when there was no cars. Like really?? I couldn't control how pissed off I was!!! I told him that wasn't okay and I was acting kind of sarcastic at the same time and asked him, "Let me guess, are you going to be the one to give him his 1st beer at 16 bc you wanna be the cool dad"? My point was that he's only 11!! I don't even want to think of the fact that he'll be legal to drive at 16 let alone at 11, so for him to do that i feel crossed a line, period. Did I go too far by calling him that or no?