PRAYERS ARE NEEDED! delivery tonight

Went in for my regular checkup and doctor said I will be delivering my baby via c section tonight!!! Baby stopped growing is in the 10th percentile. Totally unprepared i wasn't due until 6/18/17 and everything was all good and normal just last week. I'm sure you've all seen the drama with the father, ironically he called me as soon as I left out of the doctor asking if they moved the date up (how the fuck did he know what was going on???) needless to say I burst out crying seeing how I just got the news I was going to the hospital 3 minutes earlier and he said he's on the way. He still won't be allowed in the room I'm having my mom there for the c section. I just can't believe this!!! I don't have a hospital bag packed I don't have anything prepared at home I planned on finishing this weekend.