Early labor signs?

I'm 38 weeks & 5 days... for this last week since Monday I have been having really bad headaches, diarrhea, vomiting everything I eat up, nausea, indigestion, thick mucus discharge, hot flashes, & my stomach gets tight every once in a blue moon & my lower back hurts more than normal... could all this be signs I'm starting labor? If so should I call my doctor or go to the hospital to get checked? I'm probably just over thinking things but I just have this weird feeling I can't explain & I really don't feel good at all. My last doc appointment is tomorrow early afternoon so I've been trying to hold off but I just don't feel like I usually do even tho I haven't had a great pregnancy this time around I haven't felt like this at all. Thanks for your advice this is my 3rd baby but I have never went into labor I've always been induced.