Crazy day... now at the hospital

I went for my first NST today. The ultrasound went well... baby girl was moving, practice breathing, etc. 
The tech then said she wanted to talk with the doctor. I'm then moved to a different room and asked to undress. I wasn't expecting to see the doctor so I started to get concerned. 
Turns out my fluid levels are at 1.6 - which is incredibly low. So my doctor told me to head to the hospital.
Drove home to get my bags. Meanwhile I had a horrible time trying to reach my husband at work. Ran around the house trying to pack the last minute items, clean up and make phone calls. 
Now I'm at the hospital. Have taken a small pill to start the process of softening my cervix. Husband and I are trying to relax and rest before things amp up. 
I'm upset that I'm having to be induced... but I understand this is necessary. REALLY hoping once things start my body takes over and I can avoid pitocin. We'll see. I feel like a lot of my birth plan has had to be thrown out the window. Trying to relax and keep an open mind. Hopefully I meet my baby girl soon.