problems problems problems. venting

Forgive me but I just have to vent. I feel like I regret marrying my husband. I'm the one who works. He goes to school and has about one more year until he's done. Problem is, most of the time I feel like I don't even have a husband. He's not affectionate like he was before. We don't even go to bed at the same time. He doesn't bother me for sex. He doesn't make me feel like he's attracted to me. He's preoccupied with school and I feel I am in the shadows. I don't wanna feel like that. I go to bed at night thinking maybe tomorrow he will join me in bed. Oh but no. He has to study. Plays video games when he's taking a break. I have asked him to spend more time with me even just in between studying but no, apparently that's too much to ask. He gets mad when I complain about things. He yells at me and tells me I'm never going to be satisfied with him. I just feel like if he really loved and cared about me he will make time for me, not just when he's free. I mean shouldn't he know I need affection? I know people don't read minds but i have told him this numerous times but nothing changes. He will for a couple days then back to old ways. I'm taking care of our daughter day and night and I can't count on him to watch her for more than an hour. Oh yeah, he's 26 and I'm 27.  I tell him I don't think he loves me but he says he does and gets mad at me for saying that. I just feel lost. The more I talk to him about it the more mad he gets because he said he's tired of the little shit. 💁