My Paragaurd IUD Experience

I had a paragaurd IUD inserted a month ago, when my period came I partially expelled it and had to go to urgent care to have it removed immediately. I then saw my actual doctor who put the IUD in,the next following week. She told me that Paragaurd is diffrent than other IUDS because it doesn't come     pre-loaded  in an applicator. So to load it the doctor has to bend the arms down to load it before inserting it. The problem with that is, the arms are what help keep it in place and to do that,they need be in a   T-shape. But sometimes they stay bent in an arrow shape. This is one of the factors that caused my expulsion. Then my doctor went on to tell to me that in the process of expulsion and the removal I was lucky the arms didn't break off!!! Because when the plastic is bent it weakens it! And they can sometimes break off on their own in your uterus or when you are having it removed. These are factors I wish I had known before getting the paragaurd and luckily mine expelled  and came out fully intact. In fact the ER doctor who removed it, gave me the IUD to then take to my next appointment  so my doctor can see that the whole thing was indeed intact. This is a picture of the IUD after I had it taken out, as you can see the arms are bent down.