when to try again?

I apologize for the frequency of these types of posts but I'm looking for some insight.
I had a really early loss at 4 weeks and 4 days. My HCG never went higher than 17miu, <6miu  being not pregnant. My hcg dropped back to 0 after 1 full week. 
In terms of trying again, one doctor said wait for 1 period and 1 doctor said no need to wait if my hcg is back to 0. I can see that my body is already back to normal and I'm in my fertile window now, right on track.
I'm scared to try again and miscarry again, but I also am impatient to try again since we've had 2 losses now. After a loss this early did anyone try again right away and have success? Or did you try again and miscarry again? looking for some tips and experiences. Thank you!