Why do they change?


Hey girls!!!!! I need your help!!

Lately my boyfriend has been ignoring me as in not picking up my calls or answering my messages and my mom says that he changed so much after his 21st birthday and i agreed with her, he's been acting different towards me and feel like I'm not good enough..... Also He's been clingy with his mommy and has to invite her everywhere we go and I'm so embarrassed the fact that she went with us on valentines day out to dinner and she likes to invite a lot people too whatever we are doing together, idk what to do or how to tell him to man up and tell her back off.... My family and i see what kind of relationship they have together and basically she acts like she's married to her own son and it's fucking gross and it needs to stop because he's wanting to spend more time with her instead of me......... Please give me advice or tell me what i should do about this situation... Please and thank you❤😊