Tested positive for chlamydia

I just got a call from my drs office that said my pap smear was irregular and I tested positive for Chlamydia and they called a prescription in. I believe I got it from my ex husband who confessed to cheating on me before the end of our marriage. So, no one's cheating (me and my current fiance) , no one's mad either because it is easily treatable.

I told my fiance of almost two years and told him he needed to be tested and get the medicine too. He is refusing. He says he's afraid of the pain that comes from them having to insert the swab into the penis. I called around to see if anyone did the alternative urine test and no one does (that I can find). He still is refusing and says he doesn't care if I'm upset at him or not. I'm at a loss for words. I understand he's scared but this is a curable STI that literally takes seconds to complete the test.

Am I overreacting? I took the medicine today and told him no more sex until he gets medicine and he said he didn't care

Update: I called my Dr and they said they couldn't prescribe him