Still not sunk in - what a strange day!

I know this won't be the case for everyone but I wanted to share what happened to me today. Past few days I've felt different and had AF like cramps and constipation too. Took a test yesterday BFN, took another this morning before work BFN (I am 10/11 dpo today). Anyways I thought wait another few days, still early.
At work today had sharp pains in abdomen and lower back on and off for few hours and thought maybe AF was coming. Got home, went to toilet (sorry TMi) and when I wiped CM had tinged of light pink blood - again I thought AF had just started early.
Happened to glance at the test I took this morning (now 8 hours later) still sitting on bedside and there was a faint pink line!! (see bottom pic) - I know you shouldn't look past window as can be evap but the line definetly had colour but tried not to get hopes up!
Anyways when to shop bought a Clearblue digital and honestly can't believe it but it's positive! (Top pic)
Don't think it has sank in properly yet but super excited! 
Sorry for the long post I just thought I would share what happened incase anyone else in same situation!