Sex vs. Gender

Carolynn • Child and family psychologist. Expecting #2 in March 2018.

I see a lot on here and on baby sites/blogs/articles people using the terms sex and gender interchangeably.

I'm not suggesting that I'll police anyone's posts, instead I offer this information and an invitation:

Sex refers to a person's biology, whether or not they have a penis or vagina - or sometimes neither, sometimes both.

Gender refers to how someone sees themselves. For some this is clear - boy/man out girl/woman - while for others, they feel they are both out neither.

When I get my 20 week ultrasound, I will NOT find out my baby's gender. I will find out my baby's sex.

For some people, confusing these two terms is frustrating and hurtful.

So, I invite everyone to, as much as they can, use both terms thoughtfully.