Katie • Stay at home mommy as of 6/30/16!!!
So it's 7 days til my period! I'm feeling wicked nauseous today and I did a little yesterday. But today I feel yucky. Do you think this could be a sign and I am pregnant? 7 months trying I'm totally nervous 😬😬 my husband and I went out for dinner last night and this morning I thought maybe it could be from the wine we had at dinner had a few glasses but it doesn't feel like a hangover feeling it just feels like something different. And last month I spotted around five days before my period which my period is due on the 21st. What do you think??? It's weird how the stomachache comes and goes one minute I feel fine next minute I feel like I want to vomit but I don't. I really hope this is not a fluke and it turned out to be exactly what I wanted to be