Never meant to be (a bit long)

?Chef Cara? ā€¢ Currently cook for a fine dining restaurant in Traverse City. Single, 27, chef, would love to be a mom someday.
I don't think I'm meant to be with a guy...ever...I'm 23 and I never had a serious relationship. I've been on one date and he just wasn't what I was looking for. When I do find a guy everything seems to be going great and then one day they completely stop messaging me. I'll message them to see what's up and no response but then I'll see them post on Facebook or some other site. Then several months later they pop up again trying to get me back. Recently I've been talking to this guy for several months. We video chat, text, snapchat etc. He lives 5 hrs away from me in Milwaukee and I'm here in Muskegon. We made plans to visit each other and everything was going great and then I got offered a job to cook at Michigan's #1 golf resort. I was going first because I had more time then he did because he was always working. I was still planning to see him but the start date of the job is a few days before I planned to see him. Then I suggested he come here. He said ok and was excited. So this weekend I've been texting him and no response. He's constantly on snapchat so I know he sees my messages because he has snapchat on his phone. This happens with every guy I meet. I think I'm not meant to be with someone and it always makes me depressed when I think about it. I want kids in the future and to have a relationship and get married but the way my love life is going I don't see that happening. I've been on dating sites and never had any luck. I'm a gorgeous woman, I know how to cook and going to school for it, I'm faithful when it comes to a relationship, I have so many great qualities about me but I don't see what the problem is. I've started to accept that maybe I'm meant to be alone for the rest of my life. I hate being the 3rd wheel when it comes to my friends and their SO. They have families of their own and great relationships and it sucks that I want what I can't have. A relationship and a family. I'm a hopeless romantic šŸ˜­šŸ˜­