Upset and Frustrated

Vanessa • Pregnant with my husband and I's first :)
It's been six months of trying, and I know there are women who have been trying much longer than my husband and I. However, my period started today. I had high hopes, as did my husband. Family is starting to pressure us to have a baby, and every month when my period arrives, I get this heart breaking feeling of "I can't do this every month". 
I know I'll move on, but right now, I can't stop the tears from flowing, and have yet to tell my husband. I blame myself. I'm overweight, and I fear this is what is holding us back, though my husband and I are both active in working out. I have an under active thyroid, and it makes losing weight difficult.
I don't know what else to try, or when we should seek help. I'll probably feel better tomorrow, and we will go back to trying in a few weeks, but until then I just feel an incredible sadness.
What a kick in the ass to know you're not pregnant, and now have to endure the wonders of a period (note the hint of sarcasm). 
I apologize for the depressing rant, but I need some support, even if it is from people I don't even know.