Misscarrage and when to start trying again

Teri-lyn • 22 mommy to lincoln 05.11.2016 and ttc# 2 !!
 So on march 11th i felt a pinch in my uterus i was 6 weeks and 4 days along . I went to the bath room and  when i wipped i saw blood. Looked in the toilet and there was a clot the size of an toonie when to emergancey say there for six hours they told me that my hcg harmones where extermly low for how far along i was. They sent me for. An ultra sound the next day they werent. Able to see the baby or any sign that i was pregnant. When i had my pregnacey confirmed on feduary 19th my beta hcg was 20 and i was at rick for german melsals  .  When they took my blood work on march 11 my beta hcg was 108. That morning around four am i took a pregnacey test and the lines werent as dark as they were a week ago :(. Later that day i took a nothing test and the line wasnt even visable. My heart broke i have been bleeding for. Four days straight no cramping other then the pinch that sent me to the er  now the question is when can we start trying again my finace. Was so torn up that he really want to try. As soon as we can   I confirmed our pregnacey with a clear blue. Digital it told me i was 2-3 weeks from conception which put me at 4wreks and 5 days when i took the test please help ladies i want my rainbow baby. Iam so saddened by my loss i sit up at night and wonder what i did wrong 💔