Please help not sure what to do

Does anyone have any advice or ideas about what this could be? I apologise for the length. I am 15 days late for my period from February. I have taken countless hpts with all of them being negative. I had started bc on January 28. I was only able to take it for a week. I had to go to the er for passing large blood clots. I also saw my doctor a couple days later. I had a period for 14 days. So from jan28 to feb 10. I also took a med called provera to restore my cycle. I have also been tracking my cm and cervix position. According to those things, I am just now ovulating. But I am having early period/ pregnancy symptoms. Such as aversions to food, bloating that is causing pain, light cramping that doesn't feel like a period but not ovulation either, and my breast feel so sore that I can hardly wear a bra. There is a chance that I could be pregnant but the dates don't make sense. I am not sure what to do. Any idea/advice welcome. Thanks.