Tooth problems .

Went to the dentist and the lady that cleaned  my teeth told me that my molars were decaying and that the doctor might be able to save three by putting a white filling in but one has to go for sure. So after being with her for hours as she cleaned and took xrays. Then the doctor comes looks at my mouth for 5 min and says that they arent my molars they are my wisdom teeth and i didnt have my molars. She asked me if i gotten teeth out and i told her when i was little but they were baby teeth. When i asked her where my molars are she kind of got smart and told me "well u said u got teeth pulled right" and just told the lady i needed 2 wisdom teeth pulles by a surgeon and she said shes  going to drill into my other wisdom teeth and fix a cavity. When the lady that cleaned it asked for the filling she told her not the white one the metal ones. And walked away. Soo im wondering since im pregnant isnt that a lot to be done while pregnant since i cant be put to sleep and cant take anything but tylenol and since i dont have molars and my two bottom wisdom teeth are going to be gone how am i going to eat?