Don't Judge Me ,

So , my MIL and I are NOT on good terms right now. I'd rather not say why but try not to judge me . 
I want to know , When you're in the hospital do they let you get up and walk around or is there somewhere you can go ? Im asking because when I have my baby my MIL is obviously going to come because my husband is inviting her and I don't want her there but I have no right to tell him that she cant come but I really dont want to see her and I know that you can tell the nurses if there is anyone you dont want to come you can tell them and they wont let them in. If my husband doesn't take his week off from work i'm planning on telling them to not let her come in . But if he doesnt and he stays with me at the hospital and invites her to come I don't want to be there , i'll leave the baby with him and come back until his mom is gone .