I want share my sad experince with you ladies!!! Im 26, and Married! 2 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant (5-6 weeks) my husband and I were so happy because we tried almost for 7 months with no success but finally our little miracle was there!!! So I started to take care of myself eating good, drinking lots of water, taking my prenatal vitamins so My baby can be healthy everything was great until yesterday :( I noticed some dark spots in my panties but I did my research and it said it was normal during the 1st trimester because of the egg implantation! But sadly in the morning when I woke up I noticed I was bleeding and with a little bit of pain like craps so I went directly to the ER they did all type of exams   blood,urine,ultrasound and a pelvic exam the Dr. Told us that I had a urine infecction and and that if I was continuing bleedind and with more pain to go back to hospital so I went back home and rested for a while but yeah my bleeding and pain was worst so I told my husband to made me a hot chamomile tea after I taking my tea I fall as sleep like for an hour when I woke up I felt like going to the restroom but when I woke up I felt like something came out of my vagina 😢 yes it was my baby!  i had a miscarriage I feel so sad we were so exited to have a baby but God knows when will be the right time for us to be parents! ladies sometimes as first moms we think some things are normal but theyre not! I want to thank all you ladies that helped me before and after my pregnancy thank you ladies for your support and for responding to my questions! Thanks Glow and Nurture for all the help! And hope to be back soon! God bless you all!