Told No to Water Birth by Insurance

I have been struggling the past couple of days. I contacted our insurance to make sure we have coverage for our hopes of having a water birth at our hospital. The woman on the phone was very kind and couldn't find anything on her end that said no (I was hopeful), but she would like to touch base with a supervisor and call me back. I said not a problem. Fifteen minutes later she calls me back and tells me that it is not covered. Our birth would have to be paid out of pocket if we choose to do a water birth. I thanked her for her help and as soon as I got off the phone, I lost it. I couldn't stop crying for nearly an hour. This whole pregnancy my husband and I were really looking at a water birth as the best way to bring our child into the world. The healing and soothing water to make everyone's transition gentle. I know that birth does not go according to plan, it has just been so hard to have an option I assumed would be covered taken away from us. My midwife was on board with a water birth because I have had a very healthy and complication free pregnancy so far. I don't know why it crossed my mind suddenly to check with our insurance, but I'm glad I did because the bill that we would have would be rough on us financially if insurance covered nothing. The reason they don't cover water birth is that it has not been studied and analyzed to determine the full benefits and risks. 
All in all, I am just struggling with the fact that the water birth I had hoped to have was taken from me by the almighty insurance company. I am 32w4d. I am thankful that my husband and I took a natural birthing class that showed us a multitude of options for laboring positions. I can still labor in the tub if I want to but have to get out to push. It is very emotional for me right now.