husband sleeps 12+ hours

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Ok so for the past 4 days my husband has been coming home from work around 7pm and just knocking out. He has been sleeping for about 12+ hours for those 4 days. When I wake him up he seems very angry, he pushed me when I woke him to watch baby for me while I take a little nap.. he tells me: "I'm tired" 100x a day.. I'm tired too I'm sleep deprived caring for a 7 week old but I don't sleep 12+ hours . I read that normal hours of sleep per night for his age is 8-9 hours a night. What could be the problem. 
Depression? Hiding something? Hurting/pain? 
I tried asking him and he just responds with " I'm tired" that's all. It annoys me deep in my soul that idk what's wrong... 
Has anyone experienced this before