*update**need advice! accidentally got elbowed in the belly...

Christina β€’
So today my husband and I were goofing off and I scared him and he spun really quickly and slammed his elbow right into my stomach right below my ribs. To the point where my stomach is still sore in that spot hours later. We went swimming after and now I'm cramping (like mild period cramps) and he really hasn't been moving much. I've felt him maybe 4-5 times since it happened. Should I call the doc or give it more time?
We did a kick count a little bit ago and after a few minutes of laying down, he went bananas! We got lots of kicks and rolls. I'm going to hold off on calling the doc. We have an appointment next week so I'll talk to her then if I'm still concerned! Thank you all for being awesome!! 😊😊😊