Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Michelle • Mother to a beautiful baby girl, and a proud step mother to a loving little boy! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
On Glow and on many other web sites and apps i read you typically will not have signs of pregnancy  before a missed period. I want to make it known to my fellow community YES you can have symptoms before a missed period. 
Last year in July i suddenly got sooooo very sick. I couldnt even keep water down. I had called my general dr to inquire why i may be so sick. Went in for bloodwork and my general dr scheduled me for a gastro organ ultrasound to make sure there were no issues. 
Keep in mind these symptoms came a week before my period; yes i had regular cycles at that time.
After day two of being sick my SO said "are you sure youre not pregnant"? I thought to myself "it is way too early for any signs of pregnancy, but hey why not test the theory"; what do i have to lose? 
Well it turns out i was pregnant! i went to my ob and we were able to see the gestational sac very clearly and implantation hadnt even occured yet; ob said it was still finding its spot because it was too high in the uterus. 
The sickness cure; vitamin b6 and unisom.  
Though this pregnancy ended up not being viable and ended in a miscarriage. I was able to experience something i never had before and right before i miscarried, i saw my babies heartbeat. It was the most incredible feeling ever! 
My point to this post is listen to your body. Out of the ordinary experiences can lead to surprises. Stay positive and keep trying!
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