First Kiss

Elizabeth β€’
Im 16 and I've had 2 "boyfriends" (I guess not technically cause i wasn't allowed to date) and I've gotten really close to three other guys in the past year, but since last October I haven't really been interested in dating anyone. Until about a month ago. I've known who this guy was for a little while, but I realized I didn't really even know him at all. One day I was at the library and he asked me if he could walk to my car with me and I was like "okay? Sure" and he basically followed me but not in a creepy way lol I unlocked my car and got in and he walked around to the passenger side and got in and said "where are we going?" And i was like "im going home and you cant come with me" lol he was like "oh" and he got out and I still had my door open so he came around and told me bye and walked away. I decided to be a stalker when I got home and I looked him up on facebook and messaged him and we talked on there for like a week before I got his snapchat and then I was going out of town so I gave him my number so we could text in the car without WiFi or data. Well we have gotten really close and I haven't told my parents about him (they would be weird about it I'm only allowed to double date and I haven't even been allowed to go on one yet) but on Thursday I went to the library and I had texted him before hand and asked him if he wanted to come to the bank with me because I had a check I needed to deposit and he said he would like to (very enthusiastically might I add) and when I got up to the atm I couldn't reach it ( I'm kind of small) so I had to like hang out the car window and he grabbed my butt while I was looking at the atm and then he yells "don't hate me!" And I was like πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I finished my transaction and we went back to the library where he literally could not keep his hands off me (not in a sexual way or anything just being sweet). He would hold my hand or my thigh and put his arm around me and scratch my back lol. After we were done at the library he walked me out to my car and got in and we talked for a few minutes then he just leaned in and kissed me really quick and said "i love you" and I told him I loved him too and then he put his arm around me and hugged me and kissed me one last time before opening his door and saying "that wasn't so bad right?" (I have really bad anxiety so I was telling him how scared I was over text) I left and came home not thinking about anything except that I couldn't believe it... the next day I went back to the library and we made out in my car on and off for 2 and a half hours.... at one point he pulled me into his lap and when we stopped kissing he said "welcome to my lap" and we both just laughed and kissed some more. He actually started to grab my butt and my inner thigh and my boobs while we were kissing but i decided not to care just this one time. He kissed my neck too. And we had a meeting at the library that we ended up skipping because we would rather sit in the car lol. I had music playing the whole time and when Taylor Swift's "Love Story" came on he giggled a little and I asked him why later and he said it was because that song was about getting married and the way he said it was implying that he wanted to marry me.... which I admire a lot but I've been broken so many times I can't let myself trust any more... anyways we did end up going into the library to get something for my brother and then we went back out to the car and we made out a little bit more and I remembered that I had just put chapstick on and I wondered if he could taste it so I asked him between kisses and he just responded with "mhm" mid kiss. And then I had to tell him "I have to go" but he kept kissing me and then he said "if you have to go so bad why is your face still this close to mine?" I seriously could've sat in that car and made out with him for like 3 more hours I love him so much but I did pull away and tell him I really had to go and he said "okay" and planted a short sweet kiss on my lips and got out of the car.... I then proceeded to drive home and on the way I stopped at 2 green lights and ran a red light *facepalm* I woke up this morning and my lips were peeling and raw and my arms and legs were sore...... but i don't mind, he's really sweet and I've never felt like a normal teenage girl until now. I think he's made my anxiety about kissing go away lol he told me that I was a natural and that it was perfection and even if it wasn't I appreciate him trying to make me feel better (I don't think it was bad though) lol anyywayssss I'll let you get back to your browsing lol