first time 😅

So I'm a virgin and I've never had sex. Tonight the guy I've been talking to for 7 months (came down from Huntington Beach and it was our first time meeting and we went to see a movie and it was so fun. Our movie didn't end until late so all the restaurants were closed which sucked but we ended up stopping to get fast food. However we didn't even eat any of it. We stopped and started making out and then he went down on me. It felt nice but he was really rough with his tongue which hurt because I'm a virgin. Even when he stuck a finger in it hurt! I didn't end up coming but not all of it felt bad so I guess I can't complain? Plus it was pretty dark and I'm skinny but the cat isn't 💀 long story short I faked my orgasm and I'm just jealous of all the women I see on here talking about amazing orgasms! I'm guessing practice makes perfect?