anxiety and work

I'm not sure how to start this off. But recently I got a job. I work at McDonald's, I've been working there for about 1-2 months? I believe. Also it's my first time job.aaaaand recently just graduated from high school. But while at work I get anxiety, not anxiety attacks but I can feel it there. I'm doing a bunch of things at once but also focusing so hard on focusing. Plus I had other things going on at the time so it was pretty hard to mange under pressure, but I feel like I'm just constantly on my toes. I know it's a fast food place and things are supposed to be quick and fast but I feel this weight on me and it's my anxiety hold me down a lot and I feel like it's effecting my work flow, because I feel like my anxiety holding me down and slowing me down that's why I've been cut back so much hours. Idk why. Recently they've scheduled me once for about 7 hour shift every other week. I ask if I'll be scheduled or called in for the future and they never do. I try so hard to keep personal stuff effecting my work life but I can't. I didn't ask to get cut back on my hours. It's like they put me on mute and put me aside and forgot about me. I'm not sure why, I don't ever get called in at all. I'm starting to think they fired me. But I've nothing wrong. 😞 it's stressing me out and giving anxiety thinking about it. I just got out of school and summer is here what do I do now? I wanna work more hours but it's like they don't want me to or something. Feels like I've been left in the dust. Idk what to do.