okay so this is 2 days in a row so far that I've had a flashing smiley. can someone explain to me what this means?

Ky 8-15-17👼🏼 & 10-28-17👼🏼 Pregnant with my🌈💕
I have the clear blue advanced digital ovulation test kit. A few days ago I tested and got blank faces. Yesterday I tested twice and got flashing smileys both times. And I just tested this morning and got a flashing smiley still too. We did BD lastnight in case. I'm just confused, does this flashing smiley mean I'm fertile??? Or I'm not fertile? How many days do you usually get a solid smiley after having flashing ones? Could I get pregnant during this time? Or no? Kinda wish I would have gotten just the regular clear blue I'm so confused