Too emotional?

💙Shadoe✨ • Just conceived our rainbow baby:) M/C in March 14 & chemical November 14... Going to marry the man of my dreams<3 After 14 months of trying finally got our BFP 8/7/15! Praying for a sticky baby🚼
Last night i was in an emotional cuddle type mood and i didn't wanna leave my mans side... It was so hard to go to sleep without him. I just felt like crying without him next to me even though i could hear him in the very next room... He wasnt ready to go to bed yet, but i had to cuz i work early... He was still close but i wanted him right next to me where i could touch him... I am 5 days away from starting my period, or hopefully getting my bfp! So either way i know my hormones are on the rise. Does anyone else get like this??

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