Is it just me or is woman's health in hospitals really shitty?!?

I was watch in this show about ER emergencies and in one case there is this woman who had a pregnancy outside her uterus... there isn't an OGBYN in that hospital or in any nearby hospitals because they are afraid of lawsuits or some such shit then there is another case where this woman who came in to the ER she was in labor and they handed her off to a man who had only been working there for three days! I was almost yelling at the TV at that point 'Don't these F**king idiots know that Pregnancy was the #1 killer of women for the longest time and currently in 3rd world countries woman die giving birth! This ISN'T something to hand off to a newbie!' I would have sued that hospital for malpractice if I had been that woman even if it had ended ok. Even if it is "natural" there is still a HUGE risk involved. There is no doubt in my mind that sexism still exists in hospitals today after watching this show.