Utterly Speechless Right Now

My breasts were hurting, and I kept getting slight cramp/twinge feelings. My boyfriends birthday was yesterday, and all his family came to the house for a BBQ. I had the urge to take a test, don't know why, just a gut feeling. It was about 6 in the evening, and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I kept looking at it, expecting that line to disappear. I started panicking. Which was dumb, because we have been trying for a while now. But it hit me like a brick. I immediately called my mom, told her. I didn't want to tell my hunny with all his family here and take away from his birthday. So I waited until everyone left and told him I wanted to go for a drive. We went to our "special place" , just a river where we like to go and enjoy life. So I said "One of your presents came a bit earlier, except I didn't really plan on this one". Now you'd think he'd catch on just with that lol. No. I handed him the positive test and he just looked at it, and looked at me and with the most confused face said "Thanks?"
I started laughing so hard I cried, maybe I cried a bit because I was nervous too lol. I don't know. But finally I said, "It's a pregnancy test, goofball. You're gonna be a dad. Happy Birthday!" 
Then it sunk in. He grabbed me and hugged me, kissed me, told me he loved me, and then bent down and kissed my tummy. I'm so thrilled. I still can't believe it's real. I took 2 more tests just to be sure. We're both so excited. 
So far, I haven't had any nausea. Just light heartburn, swollen and tender breasts (not really the nipples) and an occasional cramp/twinge in my abdomen.