Don't know what to do!

Totally want to cry....not only is this migraine killing me all of this pelvic pressure is too. I hate my doctors practices midwives the fucking suck! Had the same migraine for days and they tell me to take a damn Tylenol and drink a Coke bitch don't you think I already did that days ago if it worked I wouldn't still have it! Tells me to go to the ER to see if they can help just to turn around and say they will only give me Tylenol because I am pregnant...why suggest it then...Oh and with my pelvic pressure not even being able to walk to the bathroom unassisted she says well if your water hasn't broken and your not bleeding what you want us to do? Guess Zion's head has to be in my lap before I can go in to get any kind of pain management! 😡😤