need advise don't no where else to turn to I can't decide if I need to take a test or not.

Okay so here recently I've been feeling off and been feeling nauseous but I never threw up and not long after I eat I get hungry and have been getting a lot of headaches I do get slight back pain and mild cramps in my lower abdomen and have been having creamy yellowish dishcharge and my boobs have been sore, I am on birth control but I have been sexually active I had to change pills because the pharmacy I use to go to my insurance won't cover them so I had to go to another pharmacy and they didn't have the same kind I used so I had to go with a different kind, I don't take my pills like I should I try but I end up forgetting to and I have missed quite a few pills with the new pack I'm on I didn't miss any the first week but I missed I think two the second and the third week I think I missed three I didn't make them up either of those weeks because last time I did that I had a period for two weeks straight anyway I'll get to the point that's got me confused I got what I thought was my period Monday of last week and it ended the next day which was Tuesday and my periods have always lasted 5 days so it's odd. My boyfriend and I aren't trying for a baby but we aren't preventing it either it would be a blessing If we had one cause we talk about having a little baby all the time, I just need to know if you I should take a test or not. Thank you and no judgement please.