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Tiffany • Mommy to two boys (4&2)💙💙.Pregnant with with my baby girl 💗 DD:7/3/17. Two angel babies 😇. Married 💕
So I'm on my third pregnancy. I'm due July 3. My first son was an emergency csection at 34w&4d and my second son was a schedule csection at 39w & 1d. Originally with this pregnancy my dr set up a csection for June 27th which will be 39 w & 1 day. Well I had pushed it to my due date to see if she would come on her own before doing csection and I had announced on Facebook what the plan was. However since then my husband and I decided to change it back to June 27th. But my biggest dilemma is how to announce that to people. So many people are judgemental about csections (especially one of my sister in laws) and I just want people to be happy. I would love if she came on her own before than but if not I much rather know I can have her a week early then wait another week for the possibility I'll still have a csection. This is our last child so I'm not concerned about the whole after 3 csections thing it gets risky. My dilemma is how to announce to friends and family that we changed the csection date without debate. I got pregnant to have a child not on how I give birth to her. Thanks for any advice or tips!