Healthy relationship or breeding ground for cheating?

So I'll start by saying that I have no problems at all with my relationship at all. I'm very happy with my boyfriend and though our relationship isn't perfect we make it work because we love each other very much. But I've got this friend that is very disrespectful of my relationship and is constantly telling me my boyfriend is cheating on me because I give him so much freedom. I just wanted to see what others think on here- I know my boyfriend isn't cheating by the way. There's too much obvious proof that he isn't (I won't go into detail here). 
Here's her reasons for calling my relationship a 'breeding ground for cheating':
1. We're in an LDR- he lives across the country and we see each other every 4-6months. But this guy will drive through snow storms just to spend 24hrs with me. We make it work. 
2. I don't go through his phone/emails/etc. He lets me use his phone, he never hides it. I'll answer his calls, send emails/texts for him when he's driving or busy. But I feel that it's very disrespectful and controlling to do that- you need trust in a relationship. 
3. He's friends with his ex. They dated for 2yrs and lived together. But they've been friends since childhood. They see each other when he goes home to visit. I don't mind because he's honest about her- besides she lives further away from him than I do and their relationship ended badly he's not going back. 
4. I 'allow' him to have female friends. And when he's driven across the country to see me he's stayed with female (and male) friends. I don't think dictating your SO's friends is healthy at all and is honestly abusive in my opinion. 
5. Do to our very busy schedules and demanding school programs we don't Skype every single day. We generally send a text or snapchat every day but we've gone a week without talking before- though usually we'll talk every other day. 
Yes I know this might not be things every one can handle, but it works for us. We're happy which is what matters. But what do you think?

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