Wild HU !?!? Don't read if ur not older than 16

Okay so I'm 16 years old and this really hot like really hot guy named Julian is 18 years old .. I was going to a party and this is the story that happened once I left ..
Ok so there is this really hot like hot guy at a party I just went to and I was walking outside and right in front of my car he takes his shirt off and I'm just staring at him and he has a 6 pack and has sweat but it's like hot kinda sweat and I just stared at him and I'm in like 7" heels and he was still taller than me and l finally made it to the car and he goes "is this your car " I said " considering I'm holding the keys " (than I made the car beep ) and he Than puts on his muscle shirt and walks towards me and puts his hand on my thigh and slowly brought it up to my waist pulling me in and whispered in my ear "maybe next time you'll be the one changing in my car " .... and I turned around and he was staring at me as he was walking away and once I acknowledged his stare he winked at me .... 
he must have known that was my car because he put his name and number and age in the front seat window .. ( Julian , 18 )
And even though that was the most awful pick up line he whispered to me   Oh my dear Fucking god it gave me shills that ran through my whole entire body .. 
And I felt like I was gunna pass the fuck out when he got onto a MOTORCYCLE a MOTORCYCLE !!! And this boy had fucking tattoos. I wanted to just collapse......... 
Okay than I texted him saying  
" you left something on my car" and sent him a picture of it .. then we have this whole conversation and he asks me to go out with him and OMG just remember through this conversation he was so sweet and caring and kind and just overall amazing and he says at the end of the convo he will pick me up at 8:30 . So I had to sneak out my window to meet him and he is standing besides his bike with a bouquet of roses and I just wanted to melt . Then he let me sit in front in which he was behind me keeping me safe .. he let me steer and hold the bars but he held my hands as we did so. He took me out to eat and he paid even though I offered . He than asked me if I wanted to go back to his apt. I said yes and we go there and he had bought a whole bunch of candy and a movie called the shallows and we just cuddled all night and ate and then he kissed me and we made out for an hour until he carried me to his bedroom and laid me on his bed and Started kissing me . I made the first move and took his shirt off and omg those abs were mesmerizing, and he was just so sweet and so bad at the same time until I he told me u don't have to do anything u don't want to . We can go back and watch another movie .. and I replied with if I didn't want to do this would I be here right now .. And in this moment I lost my virginity to a hu .. and I don't even regret it , it was the best most memorable night of my life . He was gentle and kind at first than he got wild and fast and we tried all different positions and I've never felt so good in my entire life .. his hands holding me and making sure I'm being taken care off . He had the lights in which means he wanted to look at me and he kept calling me beautiful .he would kiss me softly and slowly as well as fast and hard . I always read that I wouldn't orgasm on my first time but I did 7 times. But I mean after he came not even 10 minutes later did we have sex again. I would describe so much more but I don't think u want to read this but By this time it was 5 am. And we both took a shower together and than he took me to a diner for breakfast. Than drove me home and told me this was the best night he has had in a really long time and how he wanted to see me again , then texted me saying he was gunna pick me up for dinner that same day. 
My question is if I should leave this as a HU and not regret it . 
Actually Date him and make more memories like this even if he is going to be 19 years old .