Anything wrong with this picture?


I'm just wondering if any of you lady's see anything wrong or out of the way with this picture..?

I went to lay out yesterday and posted a pic on my snapchat story. I saw nothing wrong with it. Well not a minute after, I get a message from this dude (I've been seeing for a year and a half but as of a few months ago he let me know we're not in a relationship, we're fwb now? Idk it's confusing and complicated) talking about "oh posting pictures of your pussy on snapchat stories? :("

I see nothing of the such? He said it's up close to my pussy...Lol Opinions please?

I see another causal "I'm laying out" pic lol I've thought about it, maybe if we were in a relationship I would think different but when he's always snapping he's single, then I'm single and a single girl posting a pic of her legs?? Lol