17 year old with almost 25 year old...? opinions?

My friend is with someone who's almost 25, smokes pot all day, constantly talks about porn and is always doing things she is against. He is her first and they have sex, which I think is kinda weird because it's illegal in my state and he's always checking out other girls and talking about fucking them right in front of her! I've tried talking to her about how she needs to tell him to stop doing that shit but she just lets him and then cries about it when she's alone. I think it's because he's her first that she puts up with all of this crap. She has missed so many days of school because of this guy that she lost all her credits and now has to get her GED, which she has no intention of doing. He's causing so many problems for her and she doesn't see it! She is ignoring me currently because her boyfriend got mad at my boyfriend. Which I think is BS because I've been there for her for everything when everyone else wasn't. Advice?