Is he telling the truth or is al just a lie?

So I'm in a relationship with a really nice guy and I love him so much , but something is bothering me.

So when we started dating he told me that he and his ex had slept together and I'm totally fine with it because I always wanted my virginity to be taken by a experienced guy . ( I'm still a virgin)

One day he wanted to have sex , I said No because I'm not ready and days went on.

One day he told me that he had lied to me and he never had sex before and that he is still a virgin aswell . I wasn't mad or anything. Just really confused .

And I think he forgot that he told me that and last night he then again made a comment about his sex life and that he and his ex slept together .

So I'm confused because I know he is not telling the truth about something.

Do you guys think he only told me that he was a virgin in hoping that I would have sex with him or what ...

Help ?