Ok. I'm clueless.


Alright ladies. I feel like I have been posting a ton lately but in need of some advice..

I am around 5-7 dpo. 5 according to glow but I believe my chart is off. My nipples have been extremely tender and sensitive. I have medium to heavy creamy/egg white cm that hasn't went away. Now I have noticed sometimes I have an extremely light brown or pink when I use the restroom but isn't every time. My boobs are kinda tender. If I gently squeeze them and let go is when I notice the tenderness. And now while eating lunch (my normal salad and celery) it is making me nauseous. I am expected to start on the 25th. I know I'm to early to test but has anyone been in my position before. I don't want to get my hopes up. TTC for 8 months now.