I think he's over me?

I have a "boyfriend" (we are a thing). We talked multiple times about being serious, we haven't seen other people. A few days ago, I was looking at his Instagram just to look. I went into what he was tagged in and I saw a new post. His ex girlfriend posted him as her Mcm/Mce. She repetitively said how much she can't wait to meet him for the first time and how much she loved him. He commented back saying he loved him too. When he came over that day I asked him to explain. He didn't and left 30 minutes after that. Over two hours later he texted me saying that he "needed a break and that this was too much stress for him but that I didn't need to worry" it's been 5 days and I see him at school all the time and he hasn't once looked at me or even tried to text me or even try to talk about it. Should I be worried? I'm scared that I'm going to continue to love him even though he loves his ex still.