Worried after ultrasound...

Went to ER yesterday for severe cramping, no bleeding. HCG was 9600 at 4w6d. Gestational sac seen but no yolk sac or fetal pole. There was a cystic structure near my ovary so they were concerned for ectopic.
Repeat (and higher resolution) scan today measured 5w0d. Thankfully no ectopic - the cyst was the corpus luteum. Gestational sac was there but still no yolk sac and no baby 😕 Tech though she saw disintegrating yolk sac (meaning impending MC/blighted ovum) but MD was not impressed. Said it was early still. 
Have to go back in 10 days for a repeat scan for viability. I am happy I don't have an ectopic but very nervous that my baby isn't viable. Going to be a tough 10 days.