New here

New to posting here, but in need of prayer. I'm just going to post what I sent to my life group. I'm pregnant again and my levels are low and I need prayers. Had a miscarriage  in January and I'm freaking out and I'm having a really hard time. 
Hey everyone, Thank you for praying for this pregnancy. I went today to have my hcg (pregnancy hormone) levels rechecked. They went up but are not "as high" as they would like them to be. They think that is due to my low progesterone levels (what caused my previous miscarriage) they are not as low as they were with my miscarriage but they are low enough to supplement. Progesterone is vital to early pregnancy. It is a must have hormone. I will take the supplement for 2 days and have my levels rechecked on Wednesday. So recap...we are still not out of the woods yet and need lots of prayers. Of course we want to be a little on the selfish side and have a happy healthy baby, but in reality that just may not happen. It could still result in another miscarriage at this point. It's just a waiting game for now until my levels are high enough to do an ultrasound. Again, thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for us. This will be a long journey no matter what the outcome is.