health anxiety

I will first say I am a God fearing woman love my God. I am married and we have 2 boys and 2 girls. Back in January I started to get ill throwing up and diarrhea which lead to anxiety cause I didn't know what was wrong. I knew something was wrong went to the doctors had blood work done. Elevated white blood cell count. They didn't give me anything for it. Fast forward I still had the throwing up diarrhea told me it was anxiety gave me pills that made things worse. Go to march I had blood in my stools. Went and stayed in a hospital for 3 days had a colonoscopy done I did in fact have an infection in my bowls but the biopsy they did came back good and all my blood work was good. Here I am now anything that happened to me like a headache or nausea I freak out and think I'm getting sick again. Almost like ptsd anyone have this? I need some advice on how to overcome this fear.